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Calgary Chiropractor

Calgary Chiropractor

If you are looking for Calgary Chiropractor, then this site provides details of a local Calgary-based Chiropractor with over 30 years of practice experience in the area. If you would like to find our more information, click on Calgary Chiropractor.

For the last 30 years, Dr Les Davidson has been based at the 14th Street and 20th Avenue NW location, postal code Chiropractor Calgary T2M. The clinic established itself in 1982 and now operates under the name “Adjusted For Life”. In addition to Chiropractic Care, it also offers other services in massage, acupuncture, and orthotics.

Dr Davidson works on 5 elements that support his extensive approach to care: He is Energetic, Enthusiastic, Educated, Engaged and Empathetic.

In fact, my wife who has suffered from chronic back and joint pain for many years now, regularly visits the clinic which has provided dramatic and effective improvements and care which have improved her overall movement in a positive way. In fact, my wife will not let another Calgary Chiropractor work with her, because she has the absolute trust and confidence in Dr Davidson, with his ongoing care.

Incidentally, I too have had back and neck problems which with Dr Davidson’s help, have now all but disappeared. Like all things related to my health though I understand the need for regular “maintenance”, so I routinely visit the clinic. Remember, your body needs constant care and attention, especially with the many day to day activities which can mis-align it.

Chiropractic care really can help with the relief of many conditions and I would highly recommend you consult Dr Davidson and his team at “Adjusted For Life” for your Chiropractor needs in Calgary.

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